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i’ve been trying to explain this sketch to people for years

there is literally no way to explain this sketch it’s just a thing you have to see and even then I’m not sure why it’s so funny

this is art

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I think I watched this 10 times the weekend it first aired.

This is one of the funniest things to ever exist. So great. Why are the shooting each other? I don’t know and I don’t care. So funny.

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this is everything. 

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I just laughed at everything on this page and I love this podcast and I came here to Starbucks like an asshole to write amongst other assholes god damnit, why is everything so distractinnnnnnng?

This Is The Face of My Mental Illness


imageI took this picture of myself at the end of a day I spent in bed, scared and crying, feeling alone and hopeless and completely desperate.

This is the face of my mental illness. This is the face of my sadness when it is at its most inexplicable and its most pronounced.

I am not ashamed of it.

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I PREFER THIS FACE TO YOUR NORMAL FACE… not trying to be a dick, just letting you know that I love you, Gethard, and you are my Robin Williams. <3

What I Learned from My Sober July



I had been drinking pretty often and decided to dry out for a bit. With the exception of one glass of wine, I drank no alcohol for the 31 days of July. Here’s what I learned…


I went from being speechless to laughing for a solid 5 minutes. This is great. 

He picked up my purse and thus&#8230; Became me. I think he #NailedIt

He picked up my purse and thus… Became me. I think he #NailedIt

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Happy Un-Easter from tumblruser sexaulity

this is brilliant

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GENIUS poem about improv circa fall 2012

I found a journal I kept while I was in improv 201 at UCB. The entire entry made me laugh because it made me remember something about myself I tried to forget.

I once considered myself a poet.

the poetry! (I wrote alot of them…not ironically unfortunately) is especially funny to me because I probably thought it was seriously brilliant at the time. No but really….I even wrote that improvisors for generations would be quoting me. cocky motherfucker. Where the hell did I get off?! 

Anyway, here’s two untitled (amateur) poems:


Brian Faas**, what a guy

If you’re too real, it’s awkward and we’ll all cry

Got milk? That was a good scene.

Nice callback. Callbacks are good.


Improv is good, improv is fun

I like to dance in the sun

Not too jokey it’s hokey

Not too real, you’ll cry.*

*I, of course, now know, we want all the audiences to cry.

** I have no idea why I named Brian Faas. I took one workshop with him through the diversity program and I promise he is not preaching “keep it real, …but not TOO real.”

I was and am a hack. Lmao.


The final performance of Dennie & Sharp: GUMP is 8:00 p.m. this Wednesday at the UCB Chelsea Theatre. Tickets are available here:

We’ve been lucky enough to enjoy an awesome 6 month run at UCB and every show has been a blast. As I did with our…

This show is so crazy and so funny and Matt and Josh are not only crazy talented and inspiring, but they’re the nicest kids in the biz! I VALIDATE THEM AND THIS SHOW. GO SEE THE LAST ONE WEDNESDAY (TOMORROW) IT IS WORTHYYYYYYYYYYYY (sorry for the run-on) YYYY


First of all, I’m incredibly grateful and #blessed to be part of UCB Digital. It’s gonna be huge, my friends, and I can’t wait to start making stuff.

Secondly, teamwise, this is my first yes in sea of nos. The UCB has been my home since 2007—I love the place— and this is the first time I’ve…

printed this out and put on my wall when I feel like I suck because THIS IS AWESOME and she is right. Thanks, Sue!

This moment specifically, the first time I saw it, made me laugh so hard I could’ve died. RIP Community. 

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"Take risks now, as you grow older you become more fearful and less flexible. And I mean that literally. I hurt my knee this week on a treadmill and it wasn’t even on."

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